Versailles secrets

Fascinating Versailles

With lots of pleasure I have watched the first season of the BBC series Versailles. An entertaining portrayal of the Louis XIV court with an abundance of intrigues and affaires. From an historical point of view certainly not a reliable eyewitness account, but definitely proof that the palace of Versailles is a place that still fascinates many people. An excellent occasion to shine a light on some of the most remarkable aspects of the real Versailles.

Harissa soup

Harissa soup

An intense pink colour, creamy, sour, sweet and with a bite of aubergine and haloumi; this soup for me forms the perfect balance of taste and looks.

Peaky Blinders

Bloody good

Raw, grim, ruthless and brutal; those are the words to perfectly describe British series Peaky Blinders about a gangster family in 1920’s Birmingham. These are definitely not the sophisticated aristocratic twenties that are portrayed in Downton Abbey. No, these are the real roaring twenties from the street.