Back to the nineties


In many ways I am all for the conveniences of modern technology. But sometimes I think back with nostalgia to how it used to be growing up in the nineties. No smartphones, no Google, no You Tube, but instead a lot of personal contact, hanging out in the library and compact cassettes!

Dark Times quote

The Quote: Dark Times


This beautiful song by Strand of Oaks stirs up a lot of emotions for me. The words written by Timothy Showalter help me convince that I am strong enough to conquer the darkness from my past.

Peaky Blinders

Bloody good


Raw, grim, ruthless and brutal; those are the words to perfectly describe British series Peaky Blinders about a gangster family in 1920’s Birmingham. These are definitely not the sophisticated aristocratic twenties that are portrayed in Downton Abbey. No, these are the real roaring twenties from the street.