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These lyrics by British band Editors have become my personal creed that remind me of the fact that everyone in this world is connected.

Every little piece in your life
Will add up to one
Every little piece of your life
Will mean something to someone

  • The Weight of the World – An End Has A Start, Editors

Tom Smith, singer of British band Editors, does not only compose great music, but also writes beautiful poetic lyrics. Of all the texts this band has written, for me the one quoted above definitely stands out. The first time I heard these words, it touched my very core. Since it has become my personal creed or mantra even. Whenever I feel somewhat useless or unimportant, these lyrics offer me clarity.

Everyone experiences moments when you ask yourself ‘what is it all good for?’ or ‘what is the meaning of life?’ The words above have the power to keep me with both feet on the ground. You matter in this big world with billions of people; everyone has a purpose, a reason to be here. I find it a comforting idea that we are all a piece of the puzzle and that our lives are intertwined.

Without always realizing it, we influence the lives around us. Every little gesture, word or touch has an impact. And that works both ways. On the one hand you can unconsciously have a positive effect on someone. That lonely old man you friendly greet on the street might have been feeling invisible earlier. A simple interaction can make a big difference.

Without always realizing it, we influence the lives around us. Every little gesture, word or touch has an impact.

Unfortunately it also works the other way around. When you unintentionally react in a curt or annoyed way, this can come off to the other person as a confirmation of their own negative conviction (‘see, no one cares about me’). And then off course there are people who intentionally hurt others; and that effect is as powerful as a Newton’s cradle. You’re not only hurting that one individual; all  people that are in contact with this person will share a piece of that hurt.

So keep this text in mind while you go through life and remember that everything you do or say matters and that everyone is connected. That idea has often given me a lot of strength.

Originally published on on February 16th 2016

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