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Turn an old fruit crate into a beautiful display for your favourite objects; succes guaranteed!

Super trendy in the seventies, but nowadays they are again popping up everywhere; old fruit crates!

But whether they are trendy or not; I have always found them to be very useful and versatile. At home we use these as a tv-set, bedside table and recently we made this creation; a fun crate to hang on the wall to display your favourite objects.

In our crate we placed an antique glass bell with nineteenth century ceramic flowers. Be inspired and start your own similar project!


  • Old fruit crate (available in several shops, I buy them at my local liquor store)
  • Wood paint or lacquer in metallic copper or gold
  • Spotlight (for example from Ikea)
  • Hand drill and screws
  • Sandpaper


  • Check if the crate is dirty or dusty; clean thoroughly, but keep it dry.
  • Sand the crate lightly with sandpaper, but be careful not to scrape away the beautiful old texts; that would be a shame!
  • Now you can paint the inside of the crate; only paint the inside, leave the outside as original.
  • Dry well and when needed give it another layer of paint.
  • Now choose how you want to place your crate on the wall; which side is the best and where is this most visible?

The warm metallic paint on the wood creates a subtle glow and reflection of the light.

  • Once you have decided this, you can install the spotlight in the top.
  • Lead the wire between the boards to make it less visible.
  • Drill some holes in the backside of the crate and draw these on the wall.
  • Next you can attach the crate to the wall with some strong screws.
  • Take care that the wire of the spotlight is placed in a practical way.
  • Put something beautiful and personal in the crate and tadaaaa!

Originally published on www.kimsomberg.nl on April 6th 2016

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